CCR Liberty FAQ


What are the main advantages of the Liberty rebreather?
Work of breathing?
Why two computers?
Isn’t Liberty a technical overkill?
Where and by whom is it built?
What FW/Software/Algorithm is Liberty using?
What algorithm is Liberty using?
Can I connect my Shearwater?
Is there any literature referring to Liberty?
What about some videos I can check out?


I am small/tall, will the unit fit me?
Do you have Backmounted configuration?
What agencies is the Liberty rebreather incorporated with?
Where and how can I find my instructor?
Can I DEMO the unit before I decide to buy?
What does the course typically cost?
What levels of training do you offer?
What am I getting for the price of the course?
Do you offer any technician courses?
I want to see the factory, is it possible?
Do you attend trade shows or events?

UNIT Configuration

I am small/tall, will the unit fit me?
Do you have Backmounted configuration?
Do you have Sidemount configuration?
What is conversion kit?
Are the computers, tanks and cells included or do I have to buy them separately?


What’s the weight of the Backmount unit?
What’s the weight of Sidemount unit?
What materials are the Liberty rebreathers build of?
What kind of O2 sensors are you using?
Why helium sensors?
How many sensors in total?
How many computers does the Liberty have and where are they placed?
Can I use oxygen sensors sold by third party?
What is plug and play system?
How hard is it to disassemble/assemble the unit?


Is the unit self-maintenance one?
How often should the rebreather be serviced?
What is the cost of the annual service?
Can I service the unit myself?
O-rings? What are they? How should I treat them?
Do I need to use the O2 sensors you sell?
How can I install the O2 sensors correctly? How should I store them?
How to correctly disassemble the unit to let it dry out?
Why is it necessary to use the drying fan?
How to store the unit between dive trips?
I won’t be diving for a few months, how should I prepare the unit for long term storage?
Is there a way how to seal the scrubber canister, to protect the sorbent?


What do I do if the unit floods?
My Helium sensor won’t calibrate?
Handset/Buddy/Head up display flooded?
One battery seems to be not working, what now?
The battery OPV got pushed out and white fluid is coming out?
How to update firmware?
After updating new Firmware 2.11 my Liberty unit is not working correctly. How can I fix it?
During my dive some water got inside of the Liberty Head. What can I do?
Directional valves are leaking?


Can I fly with my rebreather?
How to pack my unit for transportation?
Do I need to bleed the tanks?
Can I have my rebreather as carry on?
How should I behave going through security with my rebreather?