BIO Edmund Yiu has over 20 years of experience in recreational, technical, rebreather and cave diving, with more than 6000 dives conducted all around the world. He has been focused in Technical Diving since 2000 and continues to pursue his passion for diving, exploration and conservation through Scuba diving instruction.

Edmund also has years of experience in dive equipment servicing, retail sales and distribution businesses, providing technical support and total solutions for dive centres and instructors.

Edmund currently acts as the Greater China Regional Head for RAID (Rebreather Association of International Divers) serving dive centres and developing instructors throughout the region. Edmund is qualified as a RAID Examiner, RAID Recreational, Technical OC and CCR Instructor Trainer and RAID Full Cave Instructor. Through the wealth of experience that he brings to the industry, Edmund hopes to improve safety, establish higher training standards, modernize training best practices, ensure professionalism with the proper attitude and all the while, improve profitability for dive centres and instructors. Edmund also holds numerous Instructor Trainer/Instructor ratings from several dive training agencies within Recreational/ Technical and Rebreather Diving.

姚秉钧先生目前担任为 RAID国际循环呼吸潜水协会(Rebreather Association of International Divers)训练系统大中华区域的负责人,为该地区的潜水中心和教练发展提供服务。 姚秉钧先生拥有资格级别为RAID教练考试官,RAID 休闲,开放式和密闭循环式技术潜水的教练训练官及RAID 洞潜教练。姚秉钧先生在休闲,技术,循环呼吸器和洞穴潜水方面拥有超过20年的潜水经验,已在全球各地作超过6000次的下潜。自2000年起,他一直热爱及专注于技术潜水,并通过潜水培训继续追求潜水的理想,探索和保育的热情。姚秉钧先生在潜水装备维修,产品零售及批发业务方面也有丰富的经验,为潜水中心和教练提供了技术支援和完整的解决方案。 姚秉钧先生通过行内丰富的经验,希望提高业界的安全性,建立更高质量的培训标准,培训现代化的最佳实践,保持正确及专业的态度,同时提高潜水中心和教练的盈利能力。 姚秉钧先生还在其他训练系统上拥有个级别的休闲/技术和循环系统潜水教练训练官/教练资格。

Interview with Edmund

What (or who) persuaded you to become a professional diver?

I graduated from Engineering school and worked in the IT industries in my early days. However, I’ve had a love for the ocean, mother nature and wildlife since I was a kid, so I guess I finally heard nature’s call. What could be better in life than having your dream job, visiting places around the world most people have never heard of and getting to meet fellow divers from around the world who share the same passion!

Describe your biggest challenge when diving.

I think the biggest challenge would be maintaining a balance between being a businessman in the dive industries and a passionate professional diving educator. The diving business is not an easy place to be and there are many bottom-lines you have to draw in order to maintain your professionalism and integrity.

Which diving achievement are you most proud of?

The proudest achievement is when you see the students and instructors you’ve taught become good divers/educators, be successful and complemented by others. You know you’ve made a difference by teaching them.

What was your first diving experience like?

My first diving experience was not very spectacular. It was more than 20 years ago learning to dive in turbid waters with near zero visibility and stormy weather in Hong Kong. But that didn’t discourage me from wanting to dive to achieve my goal.

Why do you prefer rebreather?

The sound of silence and peacefulness when diving a rebreather is something I always notice and miss when I go back to the noisy open circuit scuba. Being able to go further, deeper and longer, rebreather can take you to places that are seldom visited. And also, the ability to get really close to marine life and stay a very long time. Rebreathers can make you believe that you really belong in the ocean.

What's your favourite diving gear?

Sidemount diving is my favorite way to dive because Sidemount is such a versatile, streamlined way of diving that can truly take you anywhere, and go any place. You have to love the Sidemount Liberty CCR because it is so well laid out and fully self-contained. It’s a super comfortable, streamlined, and balanced way to dive a rebreather. Not to mention that it is also the lightest way to travel with a rebreather.

What's your favourite diving spot?

I have always been fascinated with cave diving; it was actually a very early goal that encouraged me to attend scuba lessons in the first place. Although it took me a long time to finally achieve it, the process was fun, and I still love every bit of it. Whether it’s the crystal-clear water, the vast and beautifully-decorated passages of the Mexican cenotes, or the many other places underground that are still unexplored. When you see a hole in the ground, you always wonder what is on the other side. Exploring caves is like being in a different world-there’s always allure and a sense of exploration because they are so well-hidden!


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