Plan your decompression, gasses, utilize checklists, check your logs + more. All for Free.

Get all you need for your dive in one place.

The Divesoft App is designed to be an all-inclusive digital hub for SCUBA divers of all levels. Features of the app include a dive planner, gas analysis via the Divesoft Nitrox Analyzer "DNA", Liberty rebreather and other equipment checklists, trip planning tools, manuals for your Divesoft products, and more. The app’s performance and features are being continually improved for an optimised user experience.

Works Offline

Take your app anywhere in the world and use it even when you are out of reach of your mobile service.

Regular Updates

The App is being regularly updated introducing new functions and features for you to get even more from your app.



The diver's credo is to "Plan your dive and dive your plan". With this tool, there is no excuse to not utilize this comprehensive, easy to use dive planner app that will always be available. Calculate your dive profile, calculate your turn pressures, calculate what gasses are required for the most efficient bailout on your CCR dive. No matter if you dive within recreational limits or need calculations for an extreme exposure with mixed gasses.


Unlimited decompression gases and unlimited profile levels for recreational and technical diving.


Gas management calculations for open circuit, closed circuit and bailout with an innovative approach that considers an increased consumption during an emergency.

Fully prepared

Online plan editing. Created plans can be converted to pdf format and printed.


You will not forget anything anymore.

Create your checklists to make sure you don't forget anything. You can also use one of our template checklists in the app. Then just simply tick the items off the list as you are preparing them for your dive.


Your dive trip in one place.

Keep all your trip data in one place including your unit assembly logs and dive logs from your trip.



Your assembly checklist in your mobile.

Assemble your unit according to the steps that we prepared for you. The assembly checklists are available for each configuration and include pictures and a brief description of each step necessary for you to assemble your unit safely and efficiently.

O2 cell calibration

Put in the voltage of each one of your O2 sensors on Air and the app calculates your expected values on 100% O2 to verify your O2 calibration.

O2 cell life time watch dog

The app will notify you when your O2 sensor is older than 12 months.


Upload your dive logs straight into your app using Bluetooth connection. See all your dive details on your mobile device. The App automatically syncs your logs with the Wetnotes.


Divesoft Nitrox Analyzer

A small & smart pocket Nitrox analyzer that offers simple Oxygen measurement. The perfect partner for recreational and beginner Nitrox divers. Analyzing is easy and comfortable using the Divesoft App. No Internet is needed as the App operates offline.

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