The best tool for gas blenders and mixed gas scuba diving operations


Enjoy the quality and accuracy for safe trimix diving.

Speed of sound

Our He/O2 analyzer does not use an electrochemical He sensor. It uses our patented sensor to measure the speed of sound to determine the density of the measured gas mix.
Which means no need for replacement and no additional expenses connected to He sensor replacement. Ever!

Precise and accurate

Benchmark in accurate helium and oxygen analysis with single point calibration, two-point or three-point calibration for highest precision.

Sturdy and durable

Durable design supported by premium materials that will last.

Li-Ion battery

Rechargeable Li-Ion battery with USB charging. For your convenience as well as for purpose of continuous gas analysis.

Intelligent firmware

Firmware designed to provide real time gas calculations for the most accurate cylinder labeling.

Easy access

Uses Teledyne or Analytical Industries (Molex) Oxygen cell.

Display & Sensors

OLED display with adjustable brightness makes reading gas analysis crystal clear, even in direct sunlight.
Using barometric pressure sensor, analyzer accommodates for atmospheric changes and compensates reading according to current conditions and altitude.


Every analyzer has built in calculator for mixing gases. As well as a continuous mixing mode, for watching the oxygen and helium concentration with warning alarms, when the mixture falls out of preset limits.
The professional model can also function as an emergency compressor shut off (after connecting a relay).
Or with the aid of measuring modules it is possible to measure electrical voltage and resistance. This is especially useful for finding out the state of the diving lights and scooters.

Gas mixing solver

Solver computes the procedure for mixing the required gas mix of up to three gases. It is possible to include the remaining mix in the bottle to be filled in the calculation.
Simulator mode will compute mixture blended from up to four gases. You can enter mixtures either manually, or switch to measurement mode and measure directly the desired mixture.


Analyzer SOLO vs Analyzer He/O2

Analyzer SOLO O2