ODA - Optical display adapter

ODA stands for Optical Display Adapter. It provides divers with a constant overview of the most important CCR diving data. The diver has all the data right in front of his eyes, which significantly increases the comfort and safety of diving.

Full colour display

The full colour display has a very fine resolution and displays the most important data for a CCR - the current loop ppO2. It also clearly displays data on setpoint, depth, time, decompression and ascent rate. It graphically shows the pressures in the oxygen and diluent cylinders. You can verify the reliability of the oxygen sensors on a graphical indicator, which compares the values of individual sensors very clearly.


ODA has a built-in tilt compensated compass. Thanks to this, you will always know exactly which direction you are swimming, because the display shows the compass bearing according to where you are looking. The diver has a constant overview of the direction and can thus constantly verify his position in relation to the boat or the exit from the water.

The diver is always warned quickly by red flashes if safe values are exceeded. The front buddy display warns your diving partner, who can provide you with immediate assistance in the event of an emergency.

ODA optics are made of top-quality sapphire glass with an anti-reflective coating. This ensures a clear view of the display without glare. The optics work on the principle of a collimator, so it not only enlarges the display of the miniature display, but also allows you to monitor the display and the environment at the same time.

Each diver can adjust the focus of the optics for their eyesight using the focusing ring on the eyepiece. At the same time, it can determine whether the display will have a right or left eye, according to its dominant eye, using an adjustable mount.

The adjustable mount is stable enough to withstand riding a scooter, so you will always have ODA in front of your eyes. The ODA is connected via a HUD / BD connector to the Liberty 2021 Edition head. The display itself is attached to the DSV or BOV on the rail in the same way as the HUD.

Using a luxmeter, the ODA can determine the amount of ambient light and automatically adjust the brightness of the display. ODA is thus readable in all conditions from direct sunlight to complete darkness.

ODA does not need to be charged because it is powered by the Liberty CCR.


ODA is only compatible with Liberty 2021 Edition. If you want to use ODA on your Liberty, find out about upgrade options here.


The display is connected via a super durable and flexible cable.


The hydrodynamic design of the ODA prevents the ODA from moving on the holder during scootering.

ODA Technical specification

Max depth: 300 m (984 ft)
Diameter: 39,40 mm (1,55 in)
Length: 66,50 mm (2,62 in)
Weight without holder: 150 g (0,33 lb) connector and cable included
Buoyancy: neutral
Connection: HUD/BD connector
Connectivity: Divesoft Liberty 2021 edition

Body: Delrin
Optics: Sapphire glass with anti-reflex coating

Display resolution: 428 x 240 pixels
Focus: Fully adjustable
Color: black

Package content: Semi hard case, ODA, lens cover, adjustable mount

CCR Liberty in Detail #19 | ODA