CCR LIBErty redundancy

The Liberty CCR is designed as a complete fault-tolerant rebreather. No single malfunction in the electronic system could cause a breakdown of the whole apparatus.


Free chest, free movement, free mind


Amazing work of breathing, maximal loop control


Light, independent, compact

LIberty Light

CCR Liberty - how to

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How to transport your CCR Liberty and what to use when transporting it.

Post Dive Care

What to do when you finish diving you CCR Liberty for the day.

GPS / Compass Calibration

How to calibrate and use the CCR Liberty GPS / Compass module.


Tell us your stories with our products

Michal Guba

Czech republic

Liberty rebreathers are used for exploration and research of the Hranicka abyss for three years. We use eCCR Liberty for deep, exploration and securing dives. We are happy with the functionality and safety of the machine.

Anne Rodelato


I started enjoying CCR diving in 2011 together with my dive/life companion, and we decided in the beginning of 2016 to change to the CCR Liberty. We found it more comfortable in terms of dimensions (the counterlungs are thinner, the handsets are smaller), more reliable, easier to prepare, and with a fantastic after sale service.

Pim van der Horst


The Liberty is different from other rebreathers. Technology is far above the market average. The build quality is very good: most parts are machined especially for the Liberty. It makes the Liberty independent from third party suppliers (especially for the electronics).