CCR Liberty

Liberty (noun): the power to do or choose what you want to.

CCR Liberty (diving synonym): the CCR unit that provides you with the power to dive where you want to, the way you want to.

CCR (Closed Circuit Rebreather) Liberty

These are the principles that encompass our vision for the CCR Liberty. The CCR Liberty is a fault-tolerant electronically controlled rebreather. Fault-tolerant is defined as a design where all vital elements are redundant so that no single failure or even a combination of failures can disable the system. Even in a critical systems error, the diver can safely return to the surface on the rebreather, maximizing safety and efficiency. This design follows the same approach utilized in many safety-critical applications in the aerospace industry.


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Resilience through redundancy - rebreather re-thought

No system used in demanding missions can do without a complete backup. Featuring dual electronics, sensors, solenoids, and batteries, Liberty is ready for the most demanding conditions you can imagine.

Fault-tolerant means that failure of any one component will not cause the system to collapse. It is not enough to just back things up. Redundancies must be designed in a well-thought-out structure to form a rock-solid system. Liberty will always try to keep you safe.

CCR Liberty’s redundant Control Units


The CCR Liberty comes in multiple configurations. The units were also designed to be easily converted into a different configuration. You don't have to own multiple rebreathers. Simply convert to the configuration most suitable for your dive.

Robustness & Build Quality

No system for demanding missions can do without a complete backup.

The unit is built as ruggedly as possible using high-quality materials such as Delrin, stainless steel, carbon fibre, aerospace-grade aluminium, and titanium. During its development, the unit underwent rigorous testing ranging from crush testing, component stress testing, exposure to extreme temperatures, FMECA analysis, software testing and thousands of test dives in the most extreme conditions.

CCR Liberty Rebreathers


Developed by cave divers to build a simple and intuitive system. This ease of operation has made it popular with new rebreather divers. The CCR Liberty offers a wide range of adjustability and settings, making it great for beginners and expert CCR divers. This versatility allows it to be perfect for any diver on any dive, whether diving on a shallow reef on a trip abroad or moving through tight restrictions pushing the limits of cave exploration.

The CCR Liberty electronics provide the user with the maximum amount of information, simplifying the decision-making process. However, with our main principle being that the diver should have the last word in all circumstances and decide on the next step, the device will never lock out the user in any situation that would prevent the diver from diving. Thus, the diver can use their training & experience to find the most effective solution to the situation at hand.

The CCR Liberty can also be used as a backup rebreather for those moving deeper and farther, pushing the boundaries of exploration. Liberty’s redundant Control Units are equipped with an intelligent Bailout (BO) mode to make sure the unit will be ready to perform in that crucial time when it is truly needed as a BO rebreather. The unit’s modularity and ease of maintenance allow the diver to service the unit in all environments, including the harsh conditions of an expedition.

The CCR Liberty is a paradigm shift in redundancy and raises the standards for expectations of rebreather platforms across the world.

"Everything should be made as simple as possible. But not simpler." Albert Einstein


Manufacturing of diving equipment
Manufacturing of diving equipment
Manufacturing of diving equipment
Manufacturing of diving equipment
Manufacturing of diving equipment
Manufacturing of diving equipment
Diver with CCR (Closed Circuit Rebreather) in a cave
Divers with CCR (Closed Circuit Rebreather) at an airplane wreck
Diver with CCR (Closed Circuit Rebreather) jumping from a boat into the water


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