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CCR LIBErty redundancy

The Liberty CCR is designed as a complete fault-tolerant rebreather. No single malfunction in the electronic system could cause a breakdown of the whole apparatus.


Free chest, free movement, free mind


Amazing work of breathing, maximal loop control


Light, independent, compact

LIberty Light

Travelling often? - Weighing only 15,3 Kg makes the Light a perfect travel companion

CCR Liberty in Detail

Documentary series containing detailed description of our rebreathers. For more videos visit video library section.

Episode #1 - Introduction

Episode #2 - Components

Episode #3 - Head


Tell us your stories with our products

Beatrice Rivoira


A few celebrated divers have already had the opportunity to test out the Liberty Light. Their reactions were unanimous. Beatrice stated, to no surprise, that the new unit is “super light” as well as “easy to assemble and travel with”. She was also relieved that the rebreather offers “complete freedom for the movement of your head” and appreciated that the weight system works smoothly and it didn’t bother her back. And, on top of it all, “it looks really cool!” she added.

Nadir Quarta


Nadir, who has achieved around 30 dives and accomplished up to 72 meters with the lighter Liberty, agreed with Beatrice. “Yes, absolutely, the Liberty Light is much smaller and lighter. It’s very easy to fit in a small bag or your luggage. The lower position of the unit allows for better mobility of the diver's head which is beneficial for shorter divers as well. It also offers more flexibility with the tank choice since the first stages are not locked. And, with the possibility of mounting bigger tanks, it’s a great unit for deep dives too!”

Edoardo Pavia


Edoardo has reached a depth of 45 meters with the Liberty Light thus far; though he says depth doesn’t seem to be a factor of comfort with this new unit. Edoardo was positively surprised by the friendly setup of the rig; and that, along with its lighter weight, makes it a win-win product in his opinion. Also, despite the simple configuration and lighter weight of the unit, it’s just as comfortable as diving with the original CCR Liberty. He also found it unique that the sidemount bungees allow divers to set their bailout in a sidemount position or standard configuration.