Celebrate International Democracy Day with CCR Liberty ‼️

On this special day, dive into a unique offer: Get the CCR Liberty & Receive a FREE ODA! Our exclusive package includes a unit with one handset, minus the standard head-up display. Use our configurator to tailor your choice.

Got questions? Reach out to us or consult our expert instructors.

Exclusive Offer from 15th September to 15th November 2023. Make a splash for democracy!

Liberty Buy Back Program

In the case that you own an old eCCR then you can turn in your old eCCR head and get up to $1000 off your new CCR Liberty + $250 additional Divesoft store credit.

Applicable towards purchase of a full CCR Liberty (BMCL, FMCL, SM, LIGHT) only.
Applicable only when complete and unmodified CCR Liberty purchased. Purchased unit cannot be stripped of parts or modified outside the ability of CCR Liberty configurator.
This promotion is not applicable for CCR Liberty conversion kits.
All turned in eCCR heads must include their control electronics. Buy-in promotion is not restricted by head manufacturer.
Turned in head does not have to include ppO2 monitor.

Promotion is valid through Divesoft/Liberty instructor network only.
Promotion is valid worldwide.

Value of turned in eCCR head will be determined by following key:
Manufacturing date & Trade in value:

2016 - and newer

$1000/950€ + $250/230€ store credit


$750/700€ + $250/230€ store credit

2009 and older

$500/470€ + $250/230€ store credit

Complete your Conversion Kit

Are you considering to get a Conversion kit to dive a different configuration?

Are you building up your hours to get a bailout rebreather?

With this offer, if you purchase a Liberty Head and Scrubber (if you did not get one with your conversion kit) within 12 months of purchasing your Liberty Conversion Kit, you will pay no more than the price of our standard Liberty Unit.


-The price difference is calculated according to the current price of the standard Liberty Unit configuration (9100EUR).

  • -Offer also applies to a scrubber (Standard, Short) if it was not initially purchased with the conversion kit.
  • -The offer is valid for 12 months from the purchase date of the Conversion Kit.
  • -Only applies to customers who purchased a Conversion Kit and already own a complete unit.
  • -Only applies to customers who have purchased directly from Divesoft Instructors. Not applicable if the Conversion Kit is resold.
  • -If the customer did not purchase a scrubber for the Conversion Kit, the Scrubber must be selected to complete the unit.
  • -The items can be only ordered through an instructor.
  • -The head is complete with Helium blind plugs including Buddy display, 2x Handset and HUD.