Classic configuration BMCL/FMCL

The traditional configuration is available with frontmounted counterlungs (FMCL) or backmounted counterlungs (BMCL).


Do you prefer to dive in a Sidemount configuration? Would you like to pass through very tight passages? Do you need a secondary rebreather without the need to plug in offboard gas? Enjoy the freedom of movement, excellent work of breathing, and neutral buoyancy. The unit is fully independent due to its onboard oxygen and diluent cylinders.


Do you travel often? How about 15,30 kg for a whole rebreather without cylinders? Take your head in your carry-on luggage, and you are down to 10,30 kg. Soft pack backplate with integrated weight system ensures your comfort in any dive.


A DIR style configuration of the Liberty rebreather that allows you to utilize any size of onboard cylinders. It employs a traditional backplate and wing with a robust tubular stand.

CCR Liberty in Detail #1 | Rebreather Introduction

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