CCR Liberty Sidemount

Would you like to pass through very tight passages? Do you need a secondary rebreather? Do you want to feel the real freedom of movement? If so, you can't go wrong here!


Liberty sidemount is the only rebreather for sidemount diving on the market with all gases onboard.

Counterlung position

The placement of the counterlungs on the Liberty Sidemount allows for excellent work of breathing. However, the work of breathing is very dependent on the proper placement of the unit on the diver. Neverthless, you will be always able to breath from the sidemount unit in any position you may find yourself in.

Neutraly buoyant

Thanks to precise engineering, titanium backplate and awesome weight distribution Liberty Sidemount Rebreather is completely neutrally buoyant.

DIL and OXY onboard

Thanks to the unique design Liberty Sidemount does have both gasses supply onboard. Thanks to that the design can be even more streamlined, while no pony bottles are needed.

OPV and watertrap

Liberty Sidemount features an OPV valve for easy DIL flush and water evacuation. Liberty Sidemount also has an additional water trap in the exhale counterlung, for added protection of the electronics.


Liberty Sidemount is with less than 23kg (50lbs) an ideal companion for travels.

Off board gas suply

In case of long dives, you can hook up your Liberty Sidemount to off board gas suply via the free LP ports on 1st stages or into your MAVs via Quick Disconnect connector.

Streamlined gas management

Liberty Sidemount is the only rebreather that has the OXY and DIL manual addition valves included in the mouthpiece. Liberty Sidemount also comes with the diaphragm ADV as a standard feature.

CCR Liberty in detail: Sidemount Rebreather