CCR Liberty Heavy

Lighter than you think.

DIR style setup of Liberty rebreather that utilizes any size of onboard cylinders, traditional backplate and a robust wire stand.

You can select the unit in 2 configurations. In traditional CCR setup with 3L cylinders or in DIR style setup with onboard bailout.



Easy to setup in DIR style with long hose and onboard bailout.

Use any size onboard cylinders

Comes with BMCL and allows any size of onboard cylinders to be utilized.

Easy cylinder arrangement

Up to 4 mounting points for cylinders can be utilized for additional cylinder mounting or accessories.

Removable backplate

Traditional removable DIR style backplate is used in this configuration. The backplate to be exchanged based on the diver's needs.

Adjustable height

The position of the backplate can be adjusted for perfect fit on your back.

Tubular stand

The unit uses a wire stand which can also be used to easily clip equipment on and off. This stand can also be removed and the kit can be used without the stand.

CCR Liberty in Detail #17 | Liberty Heavy Rebreather

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