Liberty Divers Club

Divesoft realizes that buying a Liberty unit is just the beginning.

Divesoft has been driving innovation in hi-tech products designed specifically for top technical and cave divers from around the world for over 10 years. The company, however, is determined to provide customers not only with specialized diving equipment and the highest quality software, but also with services in the form of entertainment and experiences.

The Divesoft team has committed to continuous research and development to ensure their products meet the highest standards and the specific requirements of all customers. These products are developed and tested with a constant focus on implementing the most advanced technologies available while maintaining simplicity and reliability.

Divesoft realizes that the purchase of a Liberty unit is just the beginning, and the company aspires to be at the forefront of both technology and quality services. To realize this goal comprehensively, the company has cooperates with the elite factory club, Liberty Divers Club, which provide customers with stimulating and inspiring experiences and captivate divers. The Liberty Divers Club, operated by Level 3, is a travel club for passionate rebreather divers who desire access to exciting underwater experiences on the CCR Liberty platform.

"The reason why this factory club was created is that we want to deliver more than just a product to the customer. We continue to take care of the customer. We want them to actively use our hardware and software, but we will be happy to provide them not only support and service, but also experiences in the form of the trips in cooperation with the Liberty Divers Club." says Lucie Smejkalova, CEO of Divesoft.

Advantages of the Liberty Divers Club:

Quality of experience
Liberty Divers Club is characterized by a caliber of experience that replicates the quality and safety of the equipment in used by the community. The Liberty Divers Club is made up of experienced Liberty CCR divers who are willing to share their knowledge. The quality of the adventure is the main goal of the club, and all participants should have similar skills and certification with ambition to experience all that CCR diving has to offer. Elite diving professionals will be present on each trip to assist club members in advancing their knowledge and skills. In addition, CCR course instructors will be offered the opportunity to bring their students on Liberty Divers Club trips.

Professional photographer
The company realizes that diving is supposed to be cool and the excitement and wonder of the underwater world are best captured through photography. As part of the services provided by the Liberty Divers Club, the company has secured world-class photographers for each trip to guide members visual material that best capture and share the power and emotions of dives. This will allow club member to grow their ability to share these moments in a community of like-minded divers.

Service support
The Divesoft company and the Liberty Divers Club provide full service and support during the trips. This provides customers with added assurances of technically correct security and dive safety, so customers can concentrate on having great diving experience.

Simple logistics
Divesoft with the Liberty Divers Club provides its customers with superior service. They have key components at their disposal to help with the logistics of traveling with technical diving equipment so that customers can better focus on the diving adventure. To eliminate some of the logistical disadvantages associated with CCR diving, the company has equiped select Liberty dive centers with Liberty heavy parts for club member use. The customer will, thus, only be required to transport a part of the rebreather, and the other parts will be delivered to them at these Liberty centers. Members are also provided with faster access to Divesoft spare parts.

Liberty Divers Club services offer CCR divers a community of like-minded divers. The doors are open to all Liberty divers, each member is taken care of with individual attention so that they might advance their skills and achieve greatness. The advantage of this community is not only the sharing common experiences, but also being part of a strong elite brand.

"Just as Divesoft equipment exceeds the expectations of ambitious CCR divers, the trips we organize give Liberty divers the opportunity to experience the ultimate diving adventure and share exciting moments with like-minded people." says Marek Kainrath, CEO of Liberty Divers Club.

"We believe that being in the right place at the right time can be a coincidence, but whether an extraordinary experience turns into an amazing positive emotion depends only on the members of our club!" Every Liberty diver can enhance his diving skills and conquer the unseen with us." says Martin Strmiska, co-founder of the Liberty Divers Club.