About us

Our philosophy

Divesoft is dedicated to providing customers with superior quality specialized diving equipment.

The team is committed to continuous research and development to ensure our products are of the highest standards to meet the specific requirements of our customers. The products are developed and tested with constant focus on implementation of the most advanced technologies available while maintaining simplicity and reliability. All of the products are manufactured, assembled and tested at our state-of-the-art factory in the Czech Republic.

“Everything should be made as simple as possible. But not simpler.”

Albert Einstein


The unique unconventional story of small hobby company from a country with no sea producing hi-tech products designed especially for top technical and cave divers all around the world.

The story of courage, challenges, a businesswoman and analytical mind of her husband, who changed their story after 22 successful years at their IT company focused on online banking software. The story has begun with Ales's passion - diving - every time he was thinking about a perfect divers equipment and how he would like to design, construct and manufacture the equipment to meet his vision. And then one day he started to work with on an analyzer He/ O2. He even patented his idea to measure helium according to a speed of sound. The foundation stone of Divesoft was set. Analyzer was welcomed not only by Ales's friends and their friends but also by many others. Thus the ten promised pieces disappeared in a second. At that moment Lucie realised with the bold idea to change their course. The couple resigned from their IT business and entirely focused on equipment for divers.



Divesoft was officially launched during spring 2013. Analyzer is still among the mandator products together with one and only Liberty rebreather and Freedom decompression computers.

Flagship is Liberty rebreather. Liberty rebreather has many variations you can choose and configure. Liberty rebreather can be easily configured for multiple variations; backmount or sidemount, for optimal dive configurations for each dive environment. With a simple conversion kit, the user can go from a backmount configuration to a sidemount configuration. What is more, the Liberty rebreather is designed to be fault-tolerant. No single malfunction in the electronic system could cause a breakdown of the whole apparatus. And even multiple malfunctions often do not lead to a complete breakdown.