The Dive Surface Valve offers a reliable and mechanically extremely simple solution for rebreathers. It is ideal for divers who seek a simplistic design and extreme durability.


An elegant combination of the light with the practical, all you need to operate your manual gas input is located at your mouthpiece.


Our bare Bail Out Valve is an ideal option for divers who either want to try the BOV out before expanding, or don’t need the functions other BOV options can offer


The ADV in your BOV will reliably add diluent to your loop whenever needed. The activation threshold is easily adjustable, allowing you to find an individual match.

Dive Surface Valve (DSV)

The dive surface valve is a compact and reliable mouthpiece that is optimal for divers who do not need the extra functionality of the BOV and prefer minimum bulk with the streamline design. The mouthpiece maintains the classic open and closed positions but is machined Delrin to guarantee a robust design with the best materials to guarantee functionality on your dives.

Bailout Valve (BOV)

Our bailout valve combines an open-circuit and closed-circuit mouthpiece in one elegant body. You can toggle between the two positions quickly and effectively without ever taking the mouthpiece from your mouth. The BOV offers unparallel modularity and represents the safest strategy for an immediate switch to open circuit in the event of an emergency on closed circuit.

Automatic Diluent Valve (ADV)

The automatic diluent valve functions on the same principle as a standard regulator. The membrane inside will depress when it is affected by negative pressure, opening a valve that adds diluent into the loop.

The integrated ADV rests inside of the BOV, making it much easier to find and manipulate.

The ADV does not have to be mounted to the BOV, it can be integrated into the T-piece of the inhale counterlung. It is a choice for divers who prefer to manage their loop volume by themselves, having maximal control in their hands.

Manual Addition Valves (MAVs)

Two manual additon valves located at the mouthpiece, one for oxygen and one for diluent to replace the need for standard add valves that run over the shoulder to a gas block. The design of the valve’s conserves space, and are intuitive to operate.