CCR Liberty Light

Our vision was clear - to reduce the Liberty’s transport weight as much as possible. This led to the reduction of weight by more than 10 kilograms which makes it our smallest rebreather!


Traveling has never been easier

The Light weights 15,9 Kg without cylinders. Carry your unit's head with you on board of your flight and the weight of your CCR in your luggage will be down to 10.9 Kg. Then just simply rent the cylinders at your destination.

Low weight with no compromises

The mini rebreather allows you to do any kind of diving without compromises. Cold water dry suit diving? Long deep dives with multiple bailout cylinders? Tropical diving in board shorts? The Light will be home in all conditions.

Revolutionary weight pocket system

Liberty Light as first of it's kind rebrether offers unique system of weight pockets integrated into the soft backplate. This allows for exceptional trimming and weight distribution and this also allows for the unit to be extremely light for travels while the pockets are made to accept all commonly used lead weights.

High quality materials

Unit is build from the best available materials such as Corudra 2000 or carbon fibre high grade stainless steel, POM. Because we really strive to provide our customers with the best that's available.

Greater head movement and comfort

Liberty Light mini rebreather provides more freedom in head movement. The soft back plate makes the unit very comfortable to wear and also suitable to divers of smaller figure. When used with supplied stand the taller divers get extra lower back support for more comfort too.

Modularity + converting to Light

Choose between FMCL and BMCL configurations. The unit can be used with 2l or 3l cylinders. When converting to the Liberty Light from other configuration you can keep most of your existing Liberty components. Every unit also comes with adjustable travel stand compatible with all scrubbers which can be easily addached or removed.

CCR Liberty in detail: Liberty Light our smallest rebreather

2 tanks, short scrubber