Analyzer SOLO

Affordable Trimix analyzer.

Solo makes gas analysis simple, accurate and reliable. With Solo, you will always know what you are breathing wherever you go.

The lightweight and robust body is made from ABS-PC. Our new addition to the analyzer family offers an easy-to-read display and intuitive controls. The USB-C connector makes it piece of cake to program and takes less than 4 hours to fully charge. The 3 point calibration system ensures accurate measurements, so you can head out with confidence and explore the depths.

Package contents:
  • #8300 Analyzer SOLO
  • #3362 USB-C cable
  • #8306 Simple flow limiter 
  • #3367 Semi-hard zipper case


Light weight and robust

Made from lightweight materials to be a perfect blend of affordability, minimum weight, and optimum robustness for field conditions

Streamline Design

Designed to fit comfortably in hand for ease of gas analysis

Li-Ion battery

Rechargeable Li-Ion battery and USB-C connector. For your convenience as well as for purpose of continuous gas analysis

Semi-hard case

Comes with our new semi-hard case to protect your SOLO analyzer from harsh field environments

Speed of sound

Divesoft He/O2 ANALYZER uses our patented method of He content measurement based on speed of sound. That makes our analyzer a true benchmark while allowing you to own the analyzer without any addition cost with top of the line precision.

Intelligent firmware

Firmware designed to provide real time gas calculations for the most accurate cylinder labeling

Easy access

Uses Teledyne or Analytical Industries Oxygen cell with easy access replacement