Assembly Checklist and 11-Step Rebreather Pre-Dive Check

In this 10th episode of CCR Liberty in Detail, Jakub Slama talks about the preparation of the Liberty CCR unit before diving, including the Assembly Checklist, Oxygen Cell Calibration, and Pre-dive Checklist.

Jakub begins with an assembly checklist, which makes assembly safer and helps the diver follow all crucial steps. The assembly checklist can be printed out or found on the Divesoft App!

The assembly checklist includes the oxygen cell calibration, and Jakub demonstrates step by step how to carry out the calibration on the Liberty unit. The calibration jig, calibration O2 of Liberty handset, and oxygen cylinder are required to perform calibration. In the video, Jakub uses an oxygen sensor calibration chart that is part of the assembly checklist to record all necessary values read by the handset on the oxygen sensor screen. Additionally, CCR Liberty can automatically adjust to the altitude at which the measurements are taken. Once the values settle and are within the 2mV of calculated values, the calibration continues until completed.

Once the checklist is completed, Jakub also shows how to proceed with pre-dive check-in Liberty handset, including detailed pressure tests demonstration. The pre-dive check is the same for all configurations, containing 11 steps:

  • unit communication,
  • pressure sensors reading,
  • oxygen sensor reading,
  • helium sensors,
  • battery,
  • solenoids,
  • head-up display,
  • buddy display, • negative and positive pressure tests.

Finally, you learn how to enter the dive checklist into the unit. In dive Mode, all checklist steps must be achieved before diving.

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CCR Liberty in Detail #10 | Rebreather Pre-Dive Check