Liberty Rebreather 2021 Edition Features

Introducing new 2021 Edition features

1. Significantly longer battery life

  • Better efficiency which significantly extends battery life in both immersion and standby mode when not diving. After several hours of cave or deep immersion, your batteries will be almost intact. Battery performance has been improved by 20% in dive mode. The battery performance in standby mode has been significantly improved by at least 600% resulting in times up to 11 months until complete depletion.

2. Air integration

  • Wireless connection with pressure sensors significantly streamlines the reading of pressures in both cylinders and contributes significantly to the safety of Liberty operation, as with the help of pressure transmitters Liberty is able to detect closed cylinders. For divers, this reliable system represents the maximum comfort of displaying the pressure on the handset in graphical or numerical form.

3. Failed solenoid detection

  • Defective solenoid detection works in case the solenoid is blocked in the closed position or disconnected altogether (connector failure). The electronics verify whether the solenoid responds to stimuli and evaluates whether the solenoid is functional or not. In the event of a malfunctioning solenoid, the diver will receive information on which of the two solenoids is malfunctioning.

4. Bluetooth connection

  • Wireless connection to a mobile phone or desktop computer will make downloading and recording new firmware versions more enjoyable and significantly more efficient. Liberty 2021 Edition communicates with the computer program Homecentre for Windows and iOs and a mobile application for Android and iPhone.

5. GPS

  • Integrated GPS / Glonass unit can pinpoint your immersion position. Thanks to this, you can always log in the place of your diving, your favorite location or a wreck on the open sea and return to the same place at any time.

6. Detection of water leakage into electronics

  • Liberty 2021 Edition can detect the ingress of water into the electronics space in time and thus prevent its flooding and damage.

7. Improved system stability

  • Liberty is now even more reliable and stable than ever before.

8. Ready for future expansion

  • The unit has been prepared to be ready to allow addition of new functions in the future including the addition of ODA (Optical Display Adapter)

Helium sensors

Helium sensors are now available to be selected in Accessories section in Configurator

Exchangeable O2 Inlet

All Liberty heads feature an exchangeable O2 inlet allowing for a choice between Axial and Banjo O2 connection.

The Axial connection

The Axial connection comes in all Sidemount unit configuration and is only suitable for Sidemount units allowing more protected connection inside the frame. In case of converting to Backmount unit the O2 inlet needs to be exchanged to Banjo.

  • NOTE: In case you would like your Sidemount unit to be equipped with Banjo O2 connection please inform us.

The Banjo connection

The Banjo connection comes in all Backmount configurations and can be used in Sidemount configuration as well.


We have limited monthly capacity so please make a booking for your upgrade via email to to secure your spot. Upgrades will be available from middle of March 2021.


    1. 2021 Edition upgrade has to be combined with head service.
    1. Axial Oxygen inlet upgrade can be selected as additional service operation.
    1. Transmitters will only be supplied with 90° elbows and can be purchased as per our price list.
    1. Every unit will still be supplied with SPGs even if Transmitters are selected.

Process of upgrade.

  • Please email us at to place your order in and we will inform you about the step process necessary including the timeline.

Hero title

Divesoft is dedicated to providing customers with superior quality specialized diving equipment.

Hero title

Divesoft is dedicated to providing customers with superior quality specialized diving equipment.