Important safety notice and recall

for a batch of Professional Flow Limiter series
8021-4189 to 8021-4348
8023-1024 to 8023-1041

If you own a Professional Flow Limiter from this series, please stop using it and carefully read the message below.

Divesoft has been made aware by two clients of a possible safety issue concerning a particular batch of Professional Flow Limiters. The issue occurs when the unit is pressurized and can cause the front cap to separate from the body and potentially cause minor injuries. Because we prioritize the safety of our customers, we have decided to recall this batch of Professional Flow Limiter (product #8021/ #8023 / #8065) that ranges from
8021-4189 to 8021-4348
8023-1024 to 8023-1041

for a factory inspection, repair, or replacement. This batch was produced in May 2021 and entered the market in the following months.

What will happen with my Flow Limiter?
Your flow limiter will be inspected by our service technicians as soon as it arrives to our factory for a quick turnaround. The maintenance will be performed free of charge.

In case your Professional Flow Limiter was not affected, we will service your flow limiter and send it back to you with a small gift.

If your Flow Limiter was affected, we will replace it with a brand-new Flow Limiter and send it back to you with a small gift as well.

How to proceed with your return?
Check the serial number of your Professional Flow Limiter

If you own a flow limiter from this batch, please download and fill out the recall form below.

Please email us the completed form to , and we will advise you where to send the Professional Flow Limiter.

Additional Information
To compensate for the inconvenience caused to you, we have decided that every affected Professional Flow limiter owner will get a free Divesoft T-shirt.

Please add your T-shirt size into the recall form.

For additional information, please email us at

Here you can download Maintenance request form

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