Release notes

The He/O2 analyzer and Solo/ Solo O2 are equipped with a microprocessor whose program (firmware) is continuously updated. You can find below an overview of new features and improvements added so far. We will gladly upgrade your analyzers firmware to the newest version. Please contact us at

Analyzer 2.40

30th October 2023

New features

  • Expected cell voltage displayed during calibration, corresponds to 5-16mV @ air
  • Warning if voltage exceeds range
  • Calibration result check, warning if suspicious values.
  • Fourth main screen, show MOD and END values for 3 ppO2 settings. ppO2 values are configurable, sorted ascending.
  • Configurable ppO2 values also in Oxygen only version (were fixed).


  • O2 avaraging used also during calibration
  • END calculation updated, possible to set "Oxygen is narcotic" in configuration, according to individual preferences.
  • dropped manufacturing mode for SOLO 3.1

Analyzer 2.34

6th April 2022

  • O2 measurement averaging.
  • He averaging setup using one configuration item only. 1 = no averaging.

Analyzer 2.33

20th January 2022

  • Configurable date format, setting in Measurement Units




  • changed main screens in Oxygen only version O2 calibration gas editor has the same button functionality as other editors default MOD ppO2 setting set to 1,4 bar (SOLO OXY only)

Analyzer 2.32

29th November 2021

  • Support for Oxygen only version
  • improved factory calibration
  • fixed error in editor, when edited value is already out of range. Up/down sets value to nearest limit.

Analyzer 2.31

20th August 2021

  • corrected service screen Sound (computed)
  • improved He probe autosetup
  • corrected cursor shape in editor

Analyzer 2.30

20th August 2021

  • improved He probe autosetup

Analyzer 2.29b

16th October 2020

  • Support for new MCU in SOLO devices

Analyzer 2.29a

31st January 2020

  • Calibration data not erased when "Reset to default" is applied (introduced in 2.28)

Analyzer 2.29

16th October 2019

  • new Preferences option "Nitrogen source", selectable Athmospheric | Pure
  • improved He probe autosetup
  • minimal temperature increased to 5°C(41°F)

Analyzer 2.26

12th June 2019

  • support for barometric pressure sensor (HW rev. 2.5)

Analyzer 2.25

21st September 2018

  • improved probe autosetup
  • accumulator charge gauge has better voltage limits (HW 2.4 only)
  • O2 range overload alarm active in all O2 measurements (e.g. calibration, mix solver)

Analyzer 2.24

10th July 2017

  • real time clock support
  • dropped manufacturing mode for old HW revisions

Analyzer 2.23

22nd May 2017

  • service release

Analyzer 2.22

12th September 2016

  • O2 overload detection
  • USB output contains all available measured values
  • error corrections

Analyzer 2.21a (update 6 Feb 2015)

1st February 2013

  • Output debug screen in Service mode

Analyzer 2.20a (correction 16 Jan 2013)

12th December 2012

  • gas purity improved, alarms can be used

Analyzer 2.19

25th July 2012

  • new function Gas purity
  • cursor keys in editor swapped (more logical)
  • corrected startup sequence (LCD version only) (correction 14 Sep 2012)

Analyzer 2.18

8th February 2012

  • corrected battery check limits
  • adjustable He measurement precision

Analyzer 2.16

17th May 2011

  • barometric pressure correction for O2 measurement
  • serial line output can be sent every n-th measurement
  • DOWN arrow to show battery status

Analyzer 2.14

14th July 2010

  • Ohmmeter default mode changed.

Analyzer 2.12

11th June 2009

  • fixed error during DC voltage measuring (there was an absurd number while measuring on the edge of the range).

Analyzer 2.10

22nd May 2008

  • fixed error displaying MOD in feet

Analyzer 2.9

20th April 2008

  • added "Calibration aborted" report when Esc is pressed during O2 calibration
  • added target temperature setting (in configuration) of temperature drop for calculation of pressure after bottle refrigeration (when additional thermometer + contact thermometer are used)

Analyzer 2.8

11th October 2007

  • added brightness increase by using the UP key
  • added external thermometer input

Analyzer 2.7

13th February 2007

  • adjustable ppO2

Analyzer 2.6

7th February 2007

  • added functions for connecting a pressure sensor
  • added Hold function
  • changed keys in sim and mix

Analyzer 2.5

18th January 2007

  • added detection of argon and other gases

Analyzer 2.4

10th January 2007

  • detection of battery charge was adjusted; now it measures continuously, not only after starting the analyzer.
  • in the mode of continuous measuring with alarm turned on, the alarm will beep with a report of a critical level of the battery charge.

Analyzer 2.3

1st December 2006

  • the mix calculator was split into two parts: mix solver and mix simulator.

Analyzer 2.2

22nd November 2006

  • display of the mixture compound suspended in the mixing caculator if the pressure = 0.
  • fixed error while displaying mixing calculator results in mode 0 and not zero pressure of initial mixture

Analyzer 2.1

9th October 2006

  • first release