CCR Liberty Head


CCR Liberty Head

Moving forward… In this episode Jakub Slama takes a detailed look at the Liberty head with an explanation of each component and their function. The head is comprised of the entire electronics operating system of the rebreather and can be used in all configurations providing freedom to meet the needs of divers. Diving into the details of the head we find some of the unique qualities of the Liberty platform.

The Liberty head displays crucial and important information with clarity such as in the buddy display; head-up display; and the two handsets allowing the diver to see all the necessary and additional information and results of the control units. The control units work as the Liberty's "brains" divided by two independent and sealed compartments by communicating with each other constantly through oxygen cells that are always accessible. Each element in the head has redundancy, including control units, batteries, helium, pressure sensors, and the solenoids.

All components are sealed, pressure resistance and easily accessible with a 3 mm Allen key. Jakub discusses the crucial functions of pressure and helium sensors and the redundancy of the system to operate safely during diving. Jakub finishes with the travel card containing basic information useful during travels.

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