The CCR Liberty User Interface

In this episode of CCR Liberty in Detail, Jakub will be looking at the User Interface, screens, and selection of the Dive Modes of Liberty units, explaining each function. You will learn to start the Liberty unit and operate the handset menu by pressing only two buttons.

The different Liberty configurations share the same head, therefore controlling the handset is the same for all Liberty units. The vibration mechanism of the handset provides the diver with crucial information on O2 cell sensors, too low or too high setpoints and more.

Jakub shows us step by step what you can see on the diving computer display in Surface Mode Main Menu and what can be set in sub-menus under: Setup, Dive Plan, Logbook, Applications. He also goes over the Dive Mode and its sub-menus. A brief description of each function is included as you go along.

In the Dive Mode, you will learn what you see underwater on the standard screen. The standard screen displays batteries status, dive time, depth, partial pressure on each O2 cell, setpoints. For simplified display, you can choose from the other types of screens with less information but magnified. Each handset can be run on a different screen. In addition, Jakub demonstrates how to change different modes; Bailout Mode or Manual CCR, Diluent setting, and how to change the setpoints. Finally, the quick demonstration of the Faulty Sensor Menu and its categories.

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CCR Liberty in Detail #9 | User Interface