Becky is a 5 time Emmy award-winning underwater cameraman and photographer whose work appears on major networks including National Geographic, Discovery Channel and Red Bull. She specializes in capturing images in extreme underwater environments including caves, under ice and deep shipwrecks. Her projects have taken her all over the world from the Arctic to Antarctic and many exciting locations in between.

She’s filmed new wreck discoveries to cave explorations and even dove cage-less with great white sharks. She’s earned a reputation for her ability to bring back quality imagery from harsh conditions. Her biggest passion is shooting haunting images of deep shipwrecks in the Great Lakes. She combines her artistic style with powerful stories of tragedy, mystery and survival to ignite the viewer’s imagination. She’s constantly pushing the limits and trying new techniques to capture the beauty of the underwater world. She’s a frequent contributor to several dive magazines and her photography has been used in books, museums, and advertising. Becky has been actively diving for 26 years and technical diving for 22. She has been an instructor for 2 decades and is currently an active TDI Mixed Gas CCR Instructor. She leads expeditions all over the world capturing unique images that inspire others to explore our planet! &

Interview with Becky

What (or who) persuaded you to become a professional diver?

I knew from the time I was 12 and taking my first open water course that diving would be my life. I knew even at that young age I wanted to be an instructor and spend my life diving.

Which diving achievement are you most proud of?

I don't think it's any one thing. I'm proud that I've carved out a niche and made a career out of diving. I'm proud that my photography and video is used in magazines and documentaries to hopefully inspire others to take up our sport or inspire them to care about the underwater world.

What was your first diving experience like?

I'll never forget it. I did a resort course in Ft. Lauderdale Florida close to my 12th birthday. I remember the first time I descended into a shallow reef and saw a whole other world full of color, fish, and a feeling like I was flying. I was so excited that when we went back to Pittsburgh, PA, where I was living at the time, I found a local dive shop and signed up for a certification class right away!

Why do you prefer rebreather?

Rebreathers are incredible tools and they allow me to stay underwater longer and do my job better as an underwater imagemaker. I feel safer in deep wrecks or inside caves with CCR because I know I have time to solve problems. I also prefer diving a rebreather because it's easier to fill small tanks, less expensive, lighter than doubles and has better deco profiles.

What's your favorite diving gear?

My mask, because if I couldn't see, well then why am I there. I need it to see my computers, my camera settings and to shoot. I have trouble changing masks because when I find a good one, I fall in love with it.

What's your favorite diving spot?

I'd have to say my favorite location anywhere in the world is North America's Great Lakes. I love the preserved shipwrecks and it feels like going back in time when you dive them. There are so many kinds from sidewheel steamers, schooners, ferries, to huge freighters.


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