Jakub Šimánek, Steve Bogaerts and Brett Hemphill about bailout and dual rebreathers

Welcome to the short Bailout CCR Series part 1! Joe Bosquez hosts Jakub Šimánek, Steve Bogaerts and Brett Hemphill talking about the Bailout or Dual Rebreathers.

Jakub has been a part of the development team at the equipment manufacturer Divesoft and is also a Factory Instructor Trainer for the CCR Liberty diving with sidemount and backmount units. Steve is a Go Side Mount instructor and explorer who had been a pioneer in sidemount diving techniques. Brett is a director of Kast Underwater Research and has pushed the limits in exploration utilizing rebreathers as primary and bailout systems.

To begin the conversation, Joe kicks off with defining what Bailout or Dual CCR systems are, how we should describe them with their application vs. environment. They continue the conversation with the secondary or "back up" rebreather issues, whether the rebreather should have an integrated open circuit system or not, its usage with different scenarios during the rebreather failure, also covering various types of diving environment. They also discuss the evolution of the rebreather over the years based on their own experience, the BOV built-in mouthpiece or two separate systems, and the task loading when using the BOV system and more.

Before the end of this episode, Joe is curious about the logistical issues combining different systems, such as manual primary vs backup electronic systems or vice versa.

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Bailout CCR Series #1 | Jakub Šimánek, Steve Bogaerts and Brett Hemphill