Mark Powell, Edoardo Pavia and Paul Toomer: dual and bailout rebreathers training


Mark Powell, Edoardo Pavia and Paul Toomer on dual and bailout rebreathers training

Welcome to part 3 of the Bailout CCR series with Joe Bosquez interviewing Mark Powell, TDI Instructor Trainer and author of Deco for Divers, Edoardo Pavia, IANTD Instructor Trainer and Divesoft ambassador, and Paul Toomer, Co-owner of Dive RAID International and Divesoft ambassador.

They open the episode by talking about their rebreather diving experiences and sharing of their journey into technical diving and the challenges faced over the years. Diving into the topic, they discuss the importance of nomenclature of dual CCR. Independent dual CCRs or bailout CCR? They each agree that the terminology, simplicity, and appropriate training are critical aspects. Use of dual CCR depends very much on the diving environment, wreck vs cave diving, and on the unit configuration itself. A backmount vs sidemount unit, team and work involved in the dive, open-circuit gas also play critical factors of dual CCR or bailout CCR.

In addition, they touch on the topic of training standards, dive community, and the responsibility of dual CCR divers. Is bailout CCR diving for everyone? Is it limited to a specific group of divers? They think the call for standards is necessary for the safety of people showing the level of diving experience before using bailout CCR. Additionally, understanding of the complexity of using the two individual units require obvious work in time, discipline, mentorship, and patience.

They also discuss the potential dangers and issues of diving fully electronic CCRs vs manually CCRs. You can learn the different opinions of electronic and manual units, the significance of keeping manual skills, avoiding complacency and depth vs duration. To conclude the discussion, they all share some closing thoughts on the bailout CCR future. The need for sharing knowledge between each other was the significant step they learned during the series.

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Bailout CCR Series #3 | Mark Powell, Edoardo Pavia and Paul Toomer

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