Equip your harness with QR buckle and get in and out of your gear with ease.

The quick release buckle is designated for joining two straps 50 mm (2 in) wide. The straps are attached through a simple hooking. To disconnect them, both levers need to be lifted at the same time, one on each side of the buckle. If you lift one of them by mistake, the buckle will stay connected and the spring will pull the lever back once you stop applying force on the buckle. The levers are designed in such a way that they are easily found and lifted even in diving gloves, with cold fingers or in low visibility conditions. The placement of the levers on the sides of the buckle reduces the probability of them being accidentally lifted by another part of your gear. The active part of the buckle (the one with the levers) is attached to the strap via threading through and sewing. The passive component of the buckle is threaded on, to make adjustments to the length of the strap as easy as possible. None of the edges of the buckle damage the strap, as they are all rounded and polished. The buckle is made from stainless steel, the active part is firmly riveted and cannot be taken apart. The QRF buckle is not to be used for climbing, skydiving or in any other way where its use could pose a risk to one’s life. The QRF buckle was designed for attaching diving apparatus and its construction is not suited for static and dynamic strains, like those in climbing or skydiving. The weight of the buckle (both parts) is 134 g (4.7 oz).

Equip your existing harness with QRF buckle or your CCR Liberty harness through our configurator.

The buckle comes in various options.