The DIVESOFT REEL is made of delrin including the handle.

This product comes in 3 variants:

The width of the REEL can also be set in three widths based on the length of the line from 100 (330 ft.) to 250 m (820 ft.).

The Reel was designed based on the experience of numerous cave divers.

The shape and position of the handle are designed not to strain the hand even during continuous winding and unwinding of the line.

The brake is spiral with a rubber tip and enables slowing down or completely blocking the Reel.

There are shallow grooves on the handle side of the Reel through which you can even in complete darkness feel how fast the cord is being unwounded and slow the spool with your thumb.

The Delrin handle has a deep recess with distinct edges so that it does not slip out of a bare hand or a thick glove. The Reel is precisely machined to avoid the line jamming the reel.

Every Reel is supplied with Double Eyed Bolt Snap.