CCR Liberty

Paradigm shift in Rebreathers.

Freedom+ Computers

Tec diving computers

Sturdy. Reliable. Advanced.


Divesoft Nitrox Analyzer

An ideal and affordable tool for every Nitrox diver. An innovative, accurate, durable and user-friendly Nitrox Analyzer that fits in your pocket and connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Plan your Decompression, gasses, utilize checklists, check your logs + more. All for Free.

Nitrox and Trimix Analyzers

The best tool for gas blenders and mixed gas scuba diving operations.


Divesoft Mask

A Diver’s most essential piece of gear is a mask.


Modular, reliable and robust with peak performance work of breathing. Explore our wide range of mouthpieces for CCRs and SCRs.


Cylinders, silencers, reels & spools, and much more.