CCR Liberty

Paradigm shift in Rebreathers.


Modular, reliable and robust with peak performance work of breathing. Explore our wide range of mouthpieces for CCRs and SCRs.

Freedom+ Computers

Tec diving computers.
Sturdy. Reliable. Advanced.


Divesoft Mask

A Diver’s most essential piece of gear is a mask.


Divesoft Nitrox Analyzer

An ideal and affordable tool for every Nitrox diver. An innovative, accurate, durable and user-friendly Nitrox Analyzer that fits in your pocket and connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Nitrox and Trimix Analyzers

The best tool for gas blenders and mixed gas scuba diving operations.

Plan your Decompression, gasses, utilize checklists, check your logs + more. All for Free.


Cylinders, silencers, reels & spools, and much more.