Diving with a bailout rebreather

Diving with a bailout rebreather

In this episode of CCR Liberty in Detail we talk about bailout rebreathers and bailout CCR modes. Jakub Slama kicks the episode off by introducing some of the reasons why a diver would use a bailout rebreather. In general, longer dives with a CCR require the diver to carry more volume of bailout gas which can become a limiting factor.

Since the Liberty head is the same for all configurations, it also can be used as a bailout rebreather, most commonly as a sidemount unit due to its comparable size to standard Aluminium 80 cu ft cylinder.

Jakub also explains the transition from primary unit to the bailout. During immediate emergencies, such as a unit flood or CO2 issues, he describes the importance of carrying an open circuit during the dive, that contains a suitable bottom mix for the dive.

He then talks about the special mode, bailout Standby Mode, designed for diving with a bailout rebreather. This mode needs to be turned on before use, preventing adding oxygen by the solenoids. In addition to learning about Bailout Standby and CCR modes, you will also learn their operation functions, automatic switch of CCR mode, decompression tracking and calculation.

In the last half, Jakub shows you the Bailout Standby Mode screen, the information displayed, such as dive time, dive depth and loop PPO2 but also how to switch to CCR Dive mode.

Finally, he explains why the ADV must remain on, as it prevents under and overpressure of the unit. Other benefits such as, having the pressure sensors inside the head, handset connection, bailout rebreather preparation and all the other necessary checks for any issues. Last but not least, the importance of required training with qualified CCR Liberty Sidemount instructor.

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CCR Liberty in Detail #11 | Bailout Rebreather