CCR Liberty as Bailout Rebreather

Paradigm shift in exploration

Any unit configuration can be used as a Bailout CCR using the BO Standby Dive Mode.

Why Bailout Rebreather

Rebreather diving allows you to extend your range due to the efficiency of the gas consumption however, carrying a bailout is necessary. Standard OC bailout is usually utilized however, there are significant limitations when using this system. Therefore, when the traditional bailout is not enough, it can be replaced by the use of a Bailout Rebreather.


Decompression calculation

BO CCR mode calculates decompression based on the diluent content of your Bailout Rebreather and the diluent content of your primary CCR. This means that when you switch to your BO RB, your decompression obligation is known.

Help of pressure sensors

Due to the pressure sensors being located in the unit’s head, you are aware of potential overpressure or under pressure inside of the BO unit’s loop before switching to it.

Buoyancy control & Gas efficiency

Gas is only added via ADV or MAVs during BO mode to improve buoyancy control and to save oxygen.

Smart activation

If your PPO2 within the loop drops to 80% of the PPO2 of the unit’s diluent PPO2 at depth, the CCR mode is automatically activated.


The SM unit is ideal for use as BO CCR as there is no need to offboard gas. The unit is neutrally buoyant and compact. The whole unit can be donated in case of emergency due to its independence and 2 mounting points, as well as your BO bottle. However, any Liberty configuration can be used as a Bail Out Rebreather.

CCR Liberty in Detail #11 | Bailout Rebreather



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