CCR Liberty rebreather platform and the philosophy behind it

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Jakub Slama introduces the CCR Liberty in Detail series and will guide you throughout the CCR Liberty rebreather platform and the philosophy behind it. Each episode will describe a different part of the system and its functions. By watching all the episode, at the end you should be able to understand how the CCR Liberty rebreather fits your needs.

In this first episode, Jakub explores the manufacturing process of the CCR Liberty rebreather, dive computers and other high-tech SCUBA diving equipment and explains what makes the manufacturing of Divesoft products so unique. What has been the driving force for Ales Procháska, a member of the team of cave explorers, to begin working on his rebreather and create the Divesoft CCR Liberty platform and its key factors, such as reliability, built-in redundancy and modularity?

Jakub also looks at the overall configurations based on the divers' preferences, including

  • Rebreather head,
  • BOV/DSV options,
  • offboarding gas options,
  • ADVs,
  • scrubbers,
  • Backplate and Harness,
  • stand configurations,
  • accessories,
  • pre-dive checks,
  • dive modes,
  • bailout mode and much more.

Watch this video to understand the CCR Liberty basics. 🔻