Quick reference

Analyzer DNA

version 2023/11/11

This is just a quick and brief guide.

For complete information read the full User manual.


App Download

To use the analyzer, you must download the Divesoft.App. This app is available for both Android and iOs phone operating systems. These versions are available here, or directly in the app stores:


  1. Launch the app on your mobile phone.
  2. Select the ANALYZER tile on the home screen
  3. The app will give you available analyzers nearby. The serial numbers of the DNA analyzers are displayed. The serial number can be found on the body of the analyzer under the ring.
  4. The app will show you a measurement screen with the uncalibrated sensor and the sensor voltage value

Note - the next time you run the app, if the paired DNA analyzer is in range, the app will display the analyzer measurement directly


Calibration is required before each new use of the analyzer. Calibration can be to ambient air or to oxygen.

  1. Select the calibration option using the button at the bottom of the app screen.
  2. Select the calibration method AIR or OXYGEN
  3. Allow the calibration gas to flow into the analyzer and wait for the sensor voltage to stabilize.
  4. Press CONFIRM

NOTE: Ensure that the sensor voltage value is within the sensor manufacturer's parameters when exposed to the gas. DIVESOFT oxygen sensors have an air voltage range of 7 - 13 mV. It is advisable to verify that the sensor shows linear measurement values When calibrating on oxygen. This can be done by multiplying the air voltage value by 4.76. The result should correspond to the voltage value on oxygen.


Start the application and wait for the DNA analyzer to pair - display the mixture value and the oxygen sensor voltage. Open the valve of the cylinder containing the gas to be analyzed so that only a very gentle stream of gas escapes from the valve
Place the front of the analyzer against the bottle valve and press firmly so that all the analyzed gas flows through the analyzer and no gas leaks past.
Monitor the value in the mobile app. The steady state value can be considered as the measurement result.

NOTE: For a more accurate and efficient measurement with minimal loss of measured gas, use the DIVESOFT professional limiter. The flow limiter tubing fits into the inlet hole in the front of the restrictor.