Freedom computer FAQ

Freedom is still diving even when I’m on land. How can I solve it?

For unblocking a fictitious dive follow this procedure: press both buttons > release one of them > press it again > release both (see the video of this procedure here. Now you are in the service menu. Please select “Force dive end” item. All parameters of this “unwanted dive” will be erased (deco data and CNS included) and it doesn’t affect your next dive.

Check your Firmware version in Main menu > “System check” and make you sure that you have the latest. If not, please update it.

If your problems continue, go to the service menu again and select sensors. On the first page there are the pressure sensor values. Compare these values with expected atmospheric pressure (sensitive barometer, altimeter, local weather forecast etc.). If the pressure differs slightly (+/- 50 mbar) you can correct it in Setup>Calibration>Pressure corr. If the values differ significantly or if they are changing significantly (keep in mind that the atmospheric pressure is changing permanently) there would be a sensor failure. If the sensor failure occurs, send it to our factory for repair.

Is it possible to update/upgrade firmware on my Mac?

The Floor item shows 1000 m during an oxygen decompression. Is it a failure?

No. It’s logical. You are not saturated with inert gas during oxygen breathing so the Floor value is theoretically endless. 1000 m is just set limit to display.

The Freedom shows me zero decompression stop depth and time after “No deco time” end. Is it a failure?

No. The “No deco time” is terminated in the moment when decompression ceiling is immersed under the surface. Freedom supposes ascent in set ascent rate and calculates with this rate in its decompression plan. If the ascent time is sufficient for desaturation there is no decompression stop. Decompression stop is displayed in the moment when direct ascent isn’t sufficient for desaturation.

Firmware update ends with "Write flash firmware error" message.

There are some problems with USB serial port driver in newer versions of Windows (the data handling has changed). Try to update several times or, if possible, use older Windows version (Windows 7 preferred).