CCR Liberty unboxing

CCR Liberty unboxing

Welcome to the 12th episode of CCR Liberty in Detail. In this episode, Jakub introduces the extra items and tools, spare parts and accessories, which come with a brand-new Liberty unit.

The extras and accessories do vary slightly between each unit configuration. In the video, the sidemount unit is used as an example. Before anything else, Jakub goes through the necessities you will find with each unit, such as a Buddy display, two sets of handsets, a Head-Up display, and fresh oxygen cells ready for diving.

Following this, Jakub reveals gradually enclosed bags and their contents, including:

  • Two boxes of international charges with 2 USB cables
  • Calibration jig with cable and flow limiter
  • Three adjustment tools for counterlung bayonets and low-profile over-pressure valve key
  • Multi-purpose USB connector with cable for downloading dive logs or updating firmware
  • 17mm Head-Up display adapter
  • Blind plug, for sidemounted units as they are more likely to be used as Bailout CCR
  • the Plugs and covers for loop hoses
  • Caps set
  • Spare MAVs
  • the Plugs for first stage regulators
  • Tube of Krytox, oxygen-compatible lubricant
  • Two Seeger circlips for servicing DSV
  • Set of clamping and snap rings, based on unit configuration
  • Spare Liberty key
  • Spare screws, O-rings, Elastic bungees
  • Helium sensor blind plugs
  • Carry handles
  • Dumpable weight pocket pouches for backmounted units

In the end, Jakub briefly introduces the Divesoft Goodie bag with a surprise and unit documentations, such as packing list, User Manuals, Liberty Travel Passport. Additionally, every Liberty Light comes with a free stand and how to convert from one configuration to another will be cover in a later episode.

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