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Firmware Versions

Firmware Versions

Liberty Version 2.11.5657 Release notes

Error corrections

  • Fix for unintended wakeup during charging and longer sleep periods.

Liberty version 2.11.1 (Build 5225) Release notes

Error corrections

  • Fixed Stack timer stops on surfacing

Liberty version 2.11.0 (Build 4787) Release notes

New features

  • Bailout CCR mode, see bellow
  • O2 calibration recorded in syslog
  • Pressure sensors offset calibration (improved accuracy upon fine sensor failure)
  • Solenoids can be disabled (improved pO2 control when one solenoid is broken)
  • Repeated low pO2 alarm, every 0.1 bar bellow limit.
  • Prebreathe timer, see bellow
  • New "Pressure sensors too different" alarm
  • New "Check O2 sensors" alarm, when an excluded sensor reads high pO2
  • Stack timer stops on surfacing (configurable)
  • Multiple users for one device, see bellow
  • HUD brightness in dive modes can be adjusted (3 steps)
  • Planner warns if bottom time is insufficient to get to the planned depth
  • Emergency oxygen injection if all sensors fail in shallow depth, see bellow
  • Emergency solenoid action in Surface mode prolongs shutdown timeout


  • RMV moved to Mixtures menu
  • pO2 and Ceiling alarms are always active
  • pO2 low alarm setting extended up to 1.0 bar
  • Smarter Bailout GF handling, see bellow
  • Improved user interface in O2 calibration
  • Improved brightness setting (TFT handset only)
  • MOD/END values also for diluents
  • Changed order of sensor disabling/enabling (now Normal -> (Excluded) -> Disabled -> Normal)
  • High pO2 alarm generated even from excluded sensors (it can be the only good sensor - it happened!)
  • Minor graphics improvements
  • Backmount/Sidemount configuration option for proper compass orientation
  • Popup alarms use bigger font
  • Smooth display off/on (TFT units only)
  • Improved configuration handling, each change is propagated to all units immediately after editor close.
  • Exit from calibration screens (O2, He) by both buttons
  • Improved compass calibration algorithm
  • He measuring option "Always" dropped.
  • Default automatic shutdown timeout set to 45 minutes
  • Mode change in dive mode moved to submenu (except the most important change in each mode)
  • Emergency pO2 from He measuring must be enabled manually, see bellow
  • All display preferences in dive modes moved to submenu Display (TFT brightness, HUD brightness, screens selection)
  • %He value in technical screen means %He in diluent
  • MOD for diluents uses own formula, ppO2(MOD) <= (ppO2_high - 0.2bar)
  • Alarm "Peer Down" changed to "Other CU down"

Error corrections

  • Compass screen visible if compass module present only
  • Improved unintended wake-up
  • Fixed CU reset on submerge
  • Fixed wrong topology check with single HS

Bailout CCR mode

  • This mode is intended for use Liberty as bailout CCR device, with another CCR used as main device. In this mode the oxygen is not injected, only the loop volume is adjusted by ADV. Decompression model is updated, where ppO2 equal SP is expected. Diluent from the other device must be configured as "2nd device diluent". When fraction O2 in the loop drops below O2 fraction in diluent (i.e. the diver probably breathes from this device), the standard CCR mode is selected automaticaly.

Bailout GF Handling

  • GF handling bound with mode change is now smarter. Mode change CCR -> OC, Bailout GF is selected Mode change OC -> CCR, Standard GF is selected GF manually switched to Bailout GF remains active until manually switched to Standard GF.

Prebreathe timer

  • Setup / Preferences / Timeouts / Prebreathe time min, default 5 min If set nonzero, timer starts count down as a last step in dive check list. This feature is independent whether check list is enabled or not.

Multiple users

  • Feature must be enabled and multiuser capable HS used (licence for HS needed and bootloader version at least 3.10.0) Left handset stores the profile of the user
  • decomodel
  • device configuration One user can use several devices, and/or several users can share one device. Each user have to use its own HS with his profile.

PPO2 from He

  • If all chemical sensors fail in dive mode, an alarm "pO2 measuring lost" is raised. If the diluent contains at least 20% He, it is possible to switch the pO2 source to He measuring. Setup / Faulty sensors / pO2 source, options "O2" or "He". Automatic switch is no longer suppoorted. When the He source is selected, all pO2 fields on handset screens have blue background and "pO2 indirect" message is on the base screen. The pO2 indirect field on the technical screen (with sensors) has always blue background, as it shows "pO2 from He" everytime. The %He field on the technical screen become dashed for both sensors, as %He calculation is invalid in this mode.

Emergency O2 injection

  • If all chemical sensors are not valid (error, disabled etc.), the depth is < 6m/20ft and the pO2 source is O2 sensors, an emergency O2 injection + alarm is done every 6s. In fact, Liberty become an oxygen rebreather (6m / 20ft depth is safe for pure oxygen). This action happens also in Surface mode.

Liberty version 2.10.0 Release notes

This version was not officially released, all changes are made public in next version.

Liberty version 2.9.0 (Build 4165) Release notes

New features

  • electronic compass and GPS support


  • He sensors disabled if <20% He in current diluent. Can be enabled manually.
  • improved behavior when no pO2 measuring method available.
  • if no sensor is valid during sensor calibration, the result is not stored and calibration is aborted even if OK button was pressed.
  • no chemical sensor available (i.e only He available) and no sensor at all are indicated on BD (red and flashing red)
  • additional warning at dive start if there is no sensor usable.
  • several default values changed
  • dive time termination configurable (see bellow)
  • both HS wakeup during device start

Error corrections

  • occasional sudden ceiling drop when surface reached

Dive time termination

  • Setup / Preferences / Timeouts / Dive Time
  • Setting "Auto": dive time stops on surface, jumps to current time if the dive continues
  • Setting "Cave": dive time continues regardless of depth
  • Warning: Dive termination setting remains active, if not set to zero.

Liberty version 2.8.2 (Build 4097) Release notes

New features

  • support for HS with TFT display

Liberty version 2.8.1 (Build 3961) Release notes

New features

  • support for new HW revision of CU board

Liberty version 2.8.0 (Build 3890) Release notes

!!! This version resets configuration to factory defaults !!!

New features

  • new screen with various TTS values, see bellow
  • gas consumption in the planner (Bailout mode)
  • OC gases have enhanced configuration - bootle volume (water capacity only) and pressure.
  • OC gas remaining pressure (used for planner warning for not enough gas)
  • SP automatic change, can be configured at given depth (during descent or ascent) (solves both strategy LowSP for descent+bottom, HighSP for ascent and LowSP for descent, HighSP for bottom+ascent)
  • or at a given time.


  • reached depth notification also for ascent (3 points)
  • Oxygen consumption in l/min
  • improved semigraphic editor for several configuration items
  • improved readability of menues (selectable Setup / Preferences / Display / Menu highlight)

Error corrections

  • corrected cell test hang a bit bellow required pressure
  • corrected cell excluded error during cell test

TTS screen details - Items to configure

  • enable TTS screen (Setup / Preferences / Display / Dive mode screens / TTS)
  • reconfigure the bailout gases, set the bottle volume and pressure
  • setup your RMV (Setup / Preferences / RMV)
  • set bottle end pressure (Setup / Mixtures / End Presssure)

TTS screen details - During dive, TTS screen shows several new values

  • BO RMT (Bailout Remaining Time) minutes How long you can stay at current depth until you have enough gas for bailout. (end pressure is taken into account)
  • BO TTS TTS in bailout (OC) mode, using bailouf GF setting
  • TTS (+2) How high will the TTS be after 2 minutes in the current depth
  • TTS (+5) and TTS (+10) The same as above, 5 and 10 minutes in advance

Liberty version 2.7.0 (Build 3692) Release notes

New features

  • Oxygen cell tester
  • Bookmarks (in menu Applications)
  • SP/Gas/Diluent change notification


  • Improved communication among units
  • Minor corrections

Error corrections

  • False pressure sensor error notification (yellow ! under 25m)

Liberty version 2.6 (Build 3653) Release notes

New features

  • Low pO2 alarm in surface mnode
  • loop pO2 available in bailout (OC) mode


  • Repeated High pO2 alarm, issued every 0.2 bar above limit
  • improved He measuring
  • safer dive start
  • redesigned sensor screen, including diluent pO2
  • improved safety in surface mode
  • improved descent rate alarm
  • lower pressure limit for tightness check

Error corrections

  • forgotten configuration
  • forgotten calibration of accelerometer
  • slow real time in sleep mode