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DIVESOFT.CENTER (firmware manager)

What is

  • is a support software for Divesoft Bluetooth-enabled devices that allows a wireless connection of the device to your personal computer.
  • makes downloading logs to your computer a breeze, just keep the device near your computer.
  • Upload your logs to at the touch of a button and you will be able to view detailed logs of your dives.
  • If a new firmware version is released for your device, will notify you and you can conveniently upload and install the firmware via a wireless connection to
  • is available for both Windows and iOs.

Main features of

  • Bluetooth connection with Divesoft
  • Convenient log downloads
  • Upload logs to
  • Firmware update for Divesoft devices
  • Download service logs

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Linux Version


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Firmware Versions

17th November 2021, firmware 1.18.2

  • User configurable date format, see "Setup / Miscellaneous / Date format"
  • CCR Diluent ppO2 added to "technical screen", top right, next to stack time.
  • Added "universal" water salinity according to EN13319 (Setup / Preferences / Salinity).
  • Selectable lower button function - cycle dive screens or display off (Setup / Preferences / User interface / Lower bttn.).
  • Optional no-tilt editor, using buttons only (Setup / Preferences / User interface / Navigation).
  • Lower button long press in menu will step one line up (backwards).
  • Fixed unwanted behavior with all OC mixtures disabled.
  • Fixed technical screen refresh in surface mode.
  • Fixed misleading display of "Deco stop", instead of "Gas switch".
  • Fixed "End pressure" rounding error when using imperial system.
  • Fixed dive log profile display below 327.68m.

20th May 2021, firmware 1.17.7

  • Fixed TTS glitch, which displayed BO TTS immediately after switching mixtures. After a few seconds TTS went back to normal GF.

26th June 2020, firmware 1.17.5

  • Fixed USB drive error with too much short dives

17th June 2020, firmware 1.17.4

  • Fixed No-Fly time.
  • Option to calculate TTS and ascent with current SP instead of high SP (Setup / Rebreather / Const CCR Setup / SP Ascent (High, Current))
  • Improved battery percentage calculation.
  • Fixed ceiling glitch near surface
  • Fixed USB connection mode, for Freedoms with 300+ dive logs.
  • Fixed CNS calculation in aSCR mode, which used OC mix ppO2 instead of current aSCR ppO2.

20th November 2019, firmware 1.17.2

  • Decompression algorithm update
  • Optional Gauge screen now available in any dive mode
  • Safety stop timer added to Synoptic screen

12th March 2019, firmware 1.16.1

  • Lost gas handling
  • High ppO2 limit is split to bottom and deco settings
  • new application Inclinometer
  • owner information and many more, see Release notes

29th October 2018, firmware 1.15.4

  • new display controller support

11th July 2018, firmware 1.15.3

  • stopwatch available in any dive mode
  • external temperature indication and low temperature warning in Analyzer app (below 5°C/41°F)
  • fixed incorrect battery charge level
  • and many more, see Release notes

12th April 2017, firmware 1.14

  • Gas consumption in planner
  • SP automatic change improved
  • Current line in menu highlighted and
  • and many more, see Release notes

29th October 2015, firmware 1.13.5 (updated 1 Jul 2016)

  • Nitrox analyzer
  • Repeated pO2 alarm (every 0.2bar above limit)
  • Charger mode in off state (since 1.12)
  • Redesigned Gauge mode with O2 sensor reading (Closed Circuit licenses only)
  • and many more...

8th June 2015, firmware 1.11 (updated 19 Oct 2015)

  • Settable pO2 margins
  • Stack time timer (CCR modes)
  • Instant brightness change
  • and many more...

10th March 2015, firmware 1.10

  • Works with MAC and Linux
  • Multiple diluents in CCR mode
  • SCR deco

7th October 2014, firmware 1.9

  • Ceiling graph
  • Vertical speed indication
  • Average depth indication

29th July 2014, firmware 1.8 (updated 20 Aug 2014)

  • Changed blue color shade for better readability (TFT display only)
  • Corrected bottom gas in planner
  • Stop miss alarm disabled in Follow ceiling mode
  • Fixed GF bug in planner

23rd June 2014, firmware 1.7

  • bailout GF settings
  • default gas mix setting
  • faster graphics

2nd June 2014, firmware 1.6 (TFT units only)

  • initial release for TFT units
  • low ppO2 alarm
  • improved handling with bad ppO2 sensor (CCR mode)

20th January 2014, firmware 1.5

  • CCR mode (both measured pO2 and preset SP)
  • up to 3 oxygen sensors
  • plan computation can use gas switching
  • flight mode

11th October 2013, firmware 1.4

  • several errors corrected
  • accelerometer starts reliably
  • option: dive plan in reverse order
  • average depth in current dive graph

2nd May 2013, firmware 1.3

  • several errors corrected
  • current plan available underwater

26th April 2013, firmware 1.2

  • corrected occasional hang and restart

12th April 2013, firmware 1.1

  • initial release