backmounted counterlungs configuration

Traditional configuration used in most expeditions and environments. It is like a second skin.


Backmount configuration is the most popular configuration. This configuration keeps your chest free and allows even easier access to your D rings and MAVs located at your DSV/BOV while maintaining excellent work of breathing. It is very natural to wear the rebreather under the water and to maintain perfect trim. Enjoy range of possibilities of personalization a large scale of add-ons.

Bailout valve

Divesoft Bailout Valve is included with every BMCL unit as a standard feature to allow for safest emergency access to open circuit gas.


Choose between ADV-BOV or Diaphragm Automatic Diluent Valve integrated into counter lung T-piece to allow for diluent gas addition to create optimum loop volume.

Cordura counterlungs with OPV

Sleek counterlungs placed on your shoulder with OPV that has dump valve pull placed on your shoulder to make sure you’ll find it always in the same place. The CL’s are made easy to remove for cleaning

Manual addition valve

Divesoft offers an unique system of MAVs included in every BMCL configuration. The MAVs placed on the mouthpiece remove the need of hoses and valves on your chest. Due to its positioning on the mouthpiece, they are very easy to find being always in the same place.

Offboard gas accesibility

All Libery rebreathers do offer offboard gas connectivity via free LP ports on 1st stages.

Flood tolerancy

The back mounted counterlungs are well resistant to flooding. With the benefit of pull dump routed on the shoulder making DIL flush a breeze.

CCR Liberty in detail - backmount unit video


The traditional configuration with FMCL or BMCL


Light, independent, compact

Liberty Light

Weighing only 15,3 Kg makes the Light a perfect travel companion

Liberty Heavy

DIR style setup utilizing any size of onboard cylinders, traditional backplate and wire stand