Frontmounted counterlungs configuration

Amazing work of breathing, maximal loop control. Front-mounted counterlungs offer the best work of breathing and more possibilities for off-board gases.


Classic configuration with low profile Dive Surface Valve mouthpiece allows for the best work of breathing (2.16 J per liter at 40M, 75l/min) due to proximity of lungs and hydrostatic pressure dynamics.

Peak work or breathing performance

The Front-mounted counterlungs offer absolutely the best work of breathing performance. This configuration is also extremely resistant against flooding of the unit.


Manual addition valves are easily accesible on the counterlungs with large buttons maintaining a sleek design of the lungs.

ADV selection

FMCL configuration offers a wide selection of ADVs from mechanical or membrane to BOV ADV to satisfy your exact needs.

Offboard gas accesibility

This configuration offers the easiest way to offboard gas. The gas can be connected straight into the counterlungs with LP QD hoses.


The unit comes with Divesoft DSV in standard configuration but it can also equipped with BOV based on your preference.


Easily detachable cordura counterlungs mounted via quick release cobra buckles are madeto be easy to be attached / detached. The CLs are equiped with inhouse made OPV with adjustable overpressure release treshold.

CCR Liberty in detail - backmount unit video


The traditional configuration with FMCL or BMCL


Light, independent, compact

Liberty Light

Weighing only 15,3 Kg makes the Light a perfect travel companion

LIberty Heavy

DIR style setup utilizing any size of onboard cylinders, traditional backplate and wire stand